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Becoming a homeowner is no small feat - at Anderson Insurance, we understand that a lot of hard work, money, and effort goes into finding and buying your home. One big part of being a homeowner is finding the best insurance companies for what you need. However, insurance isn’t a language that everyone speaks. Lucky for you, the friendly folks here at Anderson Insurance are happy to help match you with the best home insurance companies in the industry in order to make you feel safe.

The Risks of Owning a Home & How We Can Help

As much as we want things to be, not everything is perfect. And so goes life. As your friendly neighborhood independent insurance professionals, it is our duty to let you know the possible risks that come with owning a home and what you can do to save yourself from the heartache of paying out large amounts of cash to fix these issues. Some things you may run into that are beyond your control include:

  • Leaks
  • Fires
  • Vandalism
  • Injuries
  • Flooding
  • And more.

Instead of searching for “home insurance companies near me” on your computer or smartphone, contact us and allow us to help you compare home insurance quotes and match you with the top home insurance companies through our large network of carriers. We can help those searching for:

  • Property Insurance - This type of insurance includes protection against risks like theft, fire, and certain types of damages that occur from weather related issues.
  • Renters Insurance - We recommend renters insurance for those who are renting a property. This type of insurance does not protect the actual structure of the rental property, but rather the tenant’s personal belongings.
  • Condo Insurance - Those who own a condo should find the best home insurance companies that offer condo insurance. Condo insurance helps protect your belongings from theft as well as helps to repair damage from issues such as fires.
  • Homeowners Liability - Homeowners liability insurance is important to have. In the event that someone gets hurt on your property, the homeowners liability insurance will help protect you from being sued. It also helps to cover damage cause by you or other people in your home.
  • Mobile Home Insurance- Mobile home owners should invest in finding the best home insurance for their manufactured home. This type of insurance helps provide protection against damage, personal injury, injury to guests, and more.
  • Landlords Insurance- Do you own a rental property? Then landlords insurance is for you! Investing in the right policy will help provide financial protection when it comes to damage, injury, lawsuits, and repairs.
  • In-Home Business Insurance- If you operate a business in your home, then you’ll want to look into in-home business insurance. This will help cover professional liability, personal property, loss of income, and loss/damage to business records & inventory.
  • Scheduled Property Insurance- Do you have personal items that hold a special place in your heart? Consider adding scheduled property insurance to your home insurance to protect items such as jewelry, instruments, collectibles, and more.

(Note: For those who live in a high-risk flood area, flood insurance may be added on to a homeowners insurance policy.)

Unlike direct writer insurance agencies, our independent insurance agency will work alongside you and make sure that you understand each policy available to you before you choose what you need. As an independent insurance agency, we get to know our customers and what they need to be able to match them with the best home insurance companies and compare rates to figure out what is the best fit. We’ll help you protect your home in a cost-effective matter while tailoring policies specifically to your home insurance needs. 

Ready to be matched with the best home insurance companies and start working with us to compare home insurance quotes? Click the “Request A Quote” button at the top of the page to begin the process!

Want to learn more?

If you have questions about working with an independent insurance agency, feel free to reach out to our friendly insurance brokers at Anderson Insurance so that we can answer any questions you may have. We’d love to help you find the best insurance policy for your life needs.

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